04 April 2008

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

As a part of my Empty-the-Freezer quest, I finally decided to use up some of a Mediterranean vegetable mix that I've had sitting around for quite a long time. I didn't really have any specific ideas about how to use the vegetables, but came up with an idea over the last few days for a pasta salad with tuna in it and lemon. It tasted quite good, but it was a little dry, so I think I need to work on it a bit more to get it to work out a little better.

I was really impressed with the taste of the goat's milk feta. I'd never tried it before and I was worried about how pungent and goaty it would be, but it really is quite mild compared to Chèvre, which I'm not always a huge fan of. I'm so used to cow's milk feta, but this had a much more delicate and light flavour, and it wasn't over-powered by the salty brine.

At any rate, this was (for me) a really interesting take on pasta salad, since the one I grew up on was more... pasta with ham and celery and mayo and surely other things I've forgotten. There was a lightness and freshness to the flavour that I really enjoyed, though I do need to tweak the sauce to be... more saucy.

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