29 March 2008

Ravioli Aglio e Olio with a Tomato-Cucumber Salad

I live in a neighbourhood that was (at one time, anyway) very Italian. I don't really know if the population of the area is so much Italian anymore, but there are Italian restaurants and specialty stores everywhere around here. I've never been into any of them, but if I ever went into one of the stores, I'd be willing to bet if I had the money, I'd come walking out with a pasta machine. Then I'd use it once, decide it was too much bother, and put it away for when I have more time. Anyway, why make my own pasta when I can buy it fresh and made by some company far more capable than me?

So this is spinach and cheese ravioli with olive oil and garlic and parsley and Parmesan cheese. And tomato and cucumber slices with mozzarella.

Really lazy (maybe, maybe a 10 minute meal), but really tasty.

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