24 March 2008

Pork Sauerbraten with Lazy Cabbage Rolls and a Green Salad

So... this turned into a kind of meat heavy meal. Which I blame entirely on my sister. Even though it's not her fault.

Basically, I found a recipe for pork Sauerbraten that I wanted to try out. And then I was trying to decide what to serve with it, since I don't like spaetzle, which was what the recipe suggested. In the freezer was a bag of cabbage roll mix, which my sister had made and which I thought was comprised mainly of rice with a little meat. Turns out it was comprised mainly of meat with just a little bit of rice.

Anyway, the sauerbraten recipe is another Pork! Fork! recipe from Put Pork on Your Fork. I used a smaller bone-in roast, and made it in the slow cooker, rather than properly roasting it. It was really delicious, though I did find the vinegar a touch strong. (Probably I didn't need to marinate the meat for so long, since it was a significantly smaller roast.) The gravy, which is so white because it's got a huge lot of sour cream in it, was really tasty too, though nobody else in my house would try it.

The cabbage roll mix... well, I made it the lazy way. Cook the meat mixture in a frying pan, then transfer to a baking dish. In the same frying pan, cook off a bunch of sliced cabbage until it wilts, then dump it and a cup or so of tomato juice over the meat. Bake for about 30 minutes or until it's bubbling. Delicious.

My sister's husband made the salad for us, and just off on the edge of the plate you can sort of see some asparagus that my sister made, but it was a bit overcooked, so nobody ate it.

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