03 December 2007

Chicken Rollatini with Roasted Sweet Potato and Greek Salad

This is another of the Sandi Richard recipes. Sort of. But not really. The recipe was an asparagus stuffed chicken breast with Hollandaise, but I'm not a big fan of Hollandaise, so since I've made a different asparagus-stuffed chicken dish before, I decided to make it again. (It looked and tasted pretty fantastic, too.) I used green beans this time, though, since the asparagus at the store looked alternately woody or limp and desiccated.

This Greek salad is from SR though. It's a more fussy variation on the one I usually make myself - more herbs and dressings. It tasted quite good, but I'm happy with my plain-jane version.

The sweet potato... well. I don't know. It wasn't meant to be part of the dinner, but I bought one for something last week, but didn't get around to using it, so I decided to roast it tonight. I've never had roasted sweet potatoes before, but they tasted pretty good. I'd just as soon have a regular potato though. (I stole the stacked display from Anthony Sedlak whose show The Main was on tv today while I did some sewing.)

I decided to take a picture of the inside too, since the vegetables didn't peek out the end of the chicken very well. (I should have properly butterflied the chicken breast instead of just using the little flap at the back. It was much too small to really wrap around.) So there you can see the roasted red pepper and the green beans, which were steamed before being stuffed inside and still had a nice bit of crunch.

This was a really filling dinner. And very easy.


  1. Are you kidding me? This is awesome..of course I was too hungry to make the sauce or to take a picture after. I rubbed in some olive oil, black pepper, used some fresh basil and some other herb I had on hand, wrapped the asparagus & pepper, baked it. delish!! You are better then the foodnetwork! I swear, thanks for yet another great recipe toots!

  2. It is awesome isn't it? I can't quite imagine wanting to bury it under a Hollandaise, considering how good it tastes without it.

  3. No, the sauce would take away from the simplicity of the taste, as we had it. So, freaking good! Going to try it again with goat's cheese and a tapanade of some kind.

  4. Yum - that sounds really good too. Although I don't really like olives, so maybe not ;) I guess I should try olives again sometime. I used to find them too salty, but it's been a while since I had one last and maybe I'll eventually change my mind.