12 March 2009

Orange Day Curried Carrot Soup

This was luscious and velvety and deliciously good. I've never made or eaten carrot soup before, and was a bit nervous about trying it, but it was quite nice. I found the carrot flavour to be very intense, with a nice hint of curry. It was less difficult to make than I somehow imagined it, though of course I could have done without washing so many dishes (especially the blender).

I don't think a soup like this is designed to be a main course and I was pretty much done with it about half way through the bowl (even though I liked it and would make it again). I didn't like the sound of any of the orange day meat dishes that were included in the colour cookbook, though, so soup it was.

I made a carrot-heavy coleslaw to eat with the soup, which made this a pretty carrot-heavy meal. I like carrots as much as the next guy, but it really was a bit much. I think the soup would be better as a much smaller course in a dinner, though I don't really know what I'd serve it with. (And also I don't have any smaller bowls, hence the large serving anyway - about 1.5 cups I'd guess, though perhaps a little less.)

In any case, that's six days of colour-coded hit-and-miss dinners. White, red, green, purple, yellow and now orange. Although I've enjoyed some of the recipes from the cookbook, Colorfully Slim, in general I've found them to be on the slightly bland side of boring and even taken as individual dishes I'm not really sure that I'd particularly want to make them to serve as parts of properly colour-mixed meals. And so, I think this cookbook might be consigned to the bin. (Or to the Things-to-be-donated pile anyway.)

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