23 February 2009

Red Chicken with Red Vegetables

I think my bland beige boring white dinner kind of killed the cooking mood last week because this is the first time I've cooked since. (I did go to a nice restaurant yesterday though, which if I remember to get the pictures from my sister, I'll write a blurb about tomorrow.)

So Day Two of the colour diet is red. A lot of their red recipes were for fish or veal. And if I'd made this last week like I'd intended, I didn't want fish twice in a row, so I decided on Chicken Paprika. This is really just a variation on the theme, since it doesn't have any sour cream and no attempt even at a sauce of any kind, even one less fattening than a sour cream based sauce. Basically, it's really just a chicken breast that's been dipped in a mixture of paprika, basil, oregano, salt and pepper, then baked with sautéed mushrooms and shallots on top. I sprinkled on a good dash of cayenne pepper as well, just for some extra flavour and some heat.

I didn't really like any of the vegetable suggestions from the book - imagine, there weren't any options using red peppers. How could there not be? In any case, I had two red peppers in the fridge for something I'd planned to make last week and didn't, so I roasted one for this dinner, strips of which are on the right of the chicken breast. To the left are baked tomato halves with a sprinkling of herbs and Parmesan cheese.

Like the white dinner, the vegetables were too good so I wound up eating mostly vegetables and only part of the chicken (which was also good but will make a better leftover than cold baked tomatoes would).

Tomorrow will be green day, I think. Though maybe orange. We'll see.

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