30 March 2009

Baked Salmon on Hashbrowns with Yellow Pepper

This is yet another Cat Cora recipe. There something a little bit surprising about just how simple the recipes in Cooking From the Hip are. I suppose I expected something a little more complicated, but these are (for the most part) meant to be things anyone could cook for any dinner without too much prep or complicated ingredients or anything. Which is nice, but it would also be nice to see a cookbook designed to be a little more like what she'd serve in a restaurant.

In any case, simple and easy can be very tasty and this is all three. The salmon was salted, peppered, and baked while I cooked red onion and yellow pepper until they'd softened, then added (dried, Cora uses fresh) tarragon, salt, pepper, and shredded potatoes. Because I was watching The Big Bang Theory at the same time, I kind of burned my hash, but once I stirred it all up, it wasn't noticeable. Really, a tasty dinner and the sort of easy that I could do over and over again.

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