19 March 2009

Feta Turkey Burger with Tzatziki

This is kind of sort of not quite another recipe from Cat Cora's Cooking from the Hip. I was going to make a recipe for spicy fish, but I forgot to take fish out of the freezer before work and there was nothing really appealing looking at the store on my way home. So I bought ground turkey instead and decided to make a Greek inspired burger.

There is a recipe in the cookbook for Lamb burgers with black olives, so I used that recipe, but substituted turkey for the lamb and skipped the olive altogether - I've never developed a taste for olives. Too salty. I still had leftover tzatziki from the night before, so I used that in place of her garlic sauce, which is just yogurt with garlic.

This was quite tasty. I think I should have added more onion to the burgers and probably more oregano, but they had a really nice flavour, especially the bits of feta scattered throughout, and of course it was brilliant with the tzatziki. My pitas were a bit dry, so it broke when I tried to fold it closed. Messy eating, but it tasted too good for me to care.

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