11 March 2009

Yellowish Chicken with Yellow Peppers

Yep, it was yellow day today. Actually, it was orange day, but I didn't feel like making soup, so I bought some chicken breasts and a lemon for yellow day instead. I'll be glad when orange day is done because eating like this, even eating like this sporadically as I have been, is weird.

The thing is that food goes together or doesn't regardless of colour. So just because lemon and mustard are both yellow, doesn't mean they're flavours I want to enjoy at the same time. All three parts of this were tasty, but they didn't belong together.

This day was tough in part because there aren't a lot yellow vegetables and in part because most of them aren't available to me right now. We nearly never get yellow squash in grocery stores around here and even more rarely do we get pattypan squash, so neither of those were an option. And then... what was left? Yellow pepper. I don't know what else. Corn, which I wasn't in the mood for as I'd made creamed corn on Sunday. If I'd had saffron, I could have turned my cauliflower yellow...

In any case, from the left: the cauliflower was marinated for a bit in the juice of a lemon, then steamed quickly in the lemon juice and some water. I added a bit of celery salt and pepper and it was very, very tasty.

But not with the chicken, which was covered with a mixture of Dijon mustard, finely diced shallots, thyme and some salt and pepper. This was very tasty. I added a drop of stupidly hot hot sauce to the mustard so it was pleasantly hot and the mustard was lovely and it was all around very good. Just not with the cauliflower.

The yellow peppers were very nice - roasted until they were soft and sweet and flavourful. They were fine with the lemon cauliflower (delicious, even) and fine with the chicken, alas they could not unify the two.

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