06 March 2009

2008/09 Block of the Month - The first six

This feels like it will end up as the world's yellowest quilt.

I've talked in passing before about this block of the month group which I'm following on Livejournal and how I'd decided to use up ugly stash fabric on it. (The ugly fabric being the burgundy and the orange which are very greyed colours, not pure colours at all.) It's funny that I'm lightening up on my dislike the more blocks I make. But it's still almost scarily intense in the colours. I'm not really sure what it'll take to mute the brightness, but I've got a few ideas for sashing that I think (hope) will work.

In any case, these are the first six blocks. I noticed that in the past I've only posted individual photos of the first three blocks, so I'm going to add the more recent three in this entry and hopefully will keep up on a monthly basis in the future.

This is the January block. I wish I knew what it was called, but apparently not enough to go looking for a name. In any case, I think this would be a pretty neat block to do as a repeating pattern, without sashing.

February's block was this very simple star. It was nice to have one in February that didn't take too much thought or energy to make. Whips up easy as anything. This block is basically the one that I've used in my Sunlight/Shadows quilt so I've done dozens of it. I could sleepwalk through it by now. It's good to do something so simple in such a dreadful month as February.

And finally, March's Crown of Thorns. An apt name for such a difficult block, too. This was my second attempt at making the block. The first time, everything came out just a touch too small; the second, a touch too big. I prefer too big to too small, though, since I won't be too upset if I nip off the points when I sew the block into the sashing. Can't say I'd like to give that block another try for a good long while.

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  1. The block whose name you don't know is called "Frog in the Pond".