05 March 2009

Aubergine and Kidney Bean Moussaka

This is - finally - another part of the colour-coded food odyssey. I've had the eggplant in the fridge for several days but kept forgetting how early I'd have to start cooking it if I intended to eat any time before I should be going to bed. (Half an hour to salt the eggplant, 30 minutes for making the sauce, baking for 30-45 minutes...)

Purple is a tough colour, food-wise. There aren't really a lot of truly purple foods and most of the suggestions the book makes for getting in more purple weren't really things I'd be all that willing to try. Chicken with Plum Sauce. Cauliflower Beet Casserole. Ugh.

I finally decided to try Moussaka. The Colorfully Slim cookbook has a Soybean Vegetarian Moussaka recipe, but I had another recipe I wanted to try instead. I've got this vegetarian cookbook from Australia which is filled with delicious things that I often want to try but don't because the recipes are so large and awkward to cut down. Their recipe was a fair bit more complicated than the one in Colorfully Slim but sounded like it'd be tastier, so that's what I did instead.

This came out pretty well, anyway, except that it was a bit dry. Even though I cut all the ingredients down by 6, I think I should have left more liquid for the sauce since it wound up much too thick once it had baked, almost like a paste. Still, I could see myself cooking this recipe again sometime in the future. Maybe for more than just one person, though, since that'd be an easier recipe conversion.

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