01 September 2008

Beer-can Chicken

I haven't got a picture of the complete dinner that I ate with this chicken; well, I do, but I'm not going to post it because it's boring. This chicken is so much more interesting as a chicken than as a piece of chicken on a plate.

My sister and I haven't wanted to try out beer can chicken for a while, but it never quite seemed to happen and we'd never think about it at convenient times. But then my sister wanted to cook dinner for me because of my birthday and wanted to know what I wanted her to make. What I'd really have liked was lasagna, which I haven't had in AGES, but her husband doesn't like it, so that seemed a bit silly to ask for when we were having a family dinner. I'm not sure what brought this to mind, but it's what popped into my head, so that's what we had.

We ended up cooking the chicken in the oven, rather than on a bbq as you're meant to, because it was miserable and cold outside, but if we ever do this again, it'll be on a barbecue because it made such a mess of the oven. It tasted quite moist, though, and the flavour was nice, if a little bit too subtle (since I don't eat chicken skin). If we try it again, we're going to try putting the spice rub under the skin, rather than over it.

What I really like about this picture, though, is how completely hilarious it looks. It looks like it should be animated and dancing or something else completely ridiculous. It's like something out of some violent cartoon like Itchy and Scratchy where one of the characters catches the other, butchers it, roasts it, and then it pops out of the oven like some kind of zombie and chases the other one around.

Anyway a friend, Tanya, came around for dinner and brought cupcakes! So these are my birthday cupcakes. They are chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate on top. (At least the ones with M&Ms have chocolate on top.) There is never too much chocolate.

When we arranged the cupcakes for the photo, we didn't notice that we'd arranged it to look like the food table at some kind of convention for children of the Ku Klux Klan - KKK down either side. Which was a kind of funny contrast to my OTHER birthday cake from my actual birthday which was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and which my sister bought decorated with the Sikh insignia.

She tells me that most of the cakes were either ugly or childish and then there was this one cake with a purple blob on it that looked like some kind of alien. Another friend who was here on the day I got that cake said she thought it was kind of alien sword. Meanwhile, they walk in with it and I go, "You bought me a cake with a Sikh symbol on it?" It was ridiculously funny.

(This, by the way, was from Sunday. The Sikh cake was photographed 27 Aug 2008.)

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