08 September 2008

Something like Niçoise Salad

This isn't, I know, a proper Niçoise, but it's a vegetarian (ovo-veg, anyway) variation on it. I can't seem to get a particularly definitive answer about what does and doesn't go into Niçoise, but I'm pretty happy with this, even if the French would turn up their noses at it.

There isn't really a whole lot to say about this: it's boiled new potatoes with hard boiled eggs, green and wax beans, red onions, tomatoes and a vinaigrette. I ate it warm (last week, for dinner) when I first made it, and then took the leftovers to work at had them cold. It's delicious either way.

(I've also photographed this before, without the potatoes, but we'll just pretend I didn't. I like the look of this, even though I could have made it more interesting looking than just a lot of food scooped on the plate, and so it's getting posted. Maybe next time I'll stack it up instead of spreading it out so that I can photograph it again.)

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