19 September 2008

Fabric Postcards

It's been nearly a year since I updated here, which is a shame for two reasons. First, I just haven't been sewing that much. I do go through stages with sewing, but it was a very, very long off stage for me. Depressingly, distressingly long. But it was largely because I was distressed and depressed for a lot of the time. So.

Second, I kept forgetting to update, even when I did sew. And I've gotten to a lot of intermediary stages on things, but mainly on things I didn't want to update on until they were finished. So I've got this entire quilt put together, but I can't figure out how to quilt or tie it, so I've just not finished it. And there's another quilt that I don't even have any photos of any longer, which is finished but needs to be sandwiched and tied or quilted. And then there's ANOTHER quilt which is sandwiched, but I'm not any good at quilting, so I haven't finished it. One of these days. Maybe.

In any case, I joined an exchange for fabric postcards. I thought something small like that, 4x6 quilts, would be a good way to break myself back into the quilting habit. This card wasn't for the exchange, but it's the first one I'd made after a long while of not doing anything, and just before I started up making cards again.

This particular card was a thank you to my boss's wife, who helped me out with some scrapbooking stuff. I must have been feeling a little crazy when I made it because the colours are so bright and the quilting completely insane. But I like it: it's so bright and cheerful.

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