05 September 2008

Steak, redone

Well, this photo is several days old now, but somehow I just haven't felt like updating and talking about it. Maybe because it's just a variation on something I cook relatively frequently (steak and eggs) or maybe I've just not been in the mood. I don't really know.

At any rate, this is my recreation of the previous day's steak, this time cooked through and served over scrambled eggs with a fresh garlicky tomato salsa. I ate it on a baked to slightly-crispy corn tortilla, up until I realized just how much I (apparently) don't really like corn tortillas unless they're deep-fried. I wound up scooping the filling off the tortilla and throwing the tortilla away. It had become slightly soggy and it just had a funny taste that seemed somehow faintly chemical to me.

The eggs cooked up nicely - I'm getting much better at making scrambled eggs with large "grains" of egg, rather than too many dried out small bits that hardly stay on a fork. I don't mind scrambled eggs like this, where the bits are big enough to properly spear on a fork.

The salsa was quite nice, though I don't particularly like the hot sauce i used to add spice. I forget the name of it, but it didn't really have much of a flavour. I prefer the old standbys like Tabasco, I guess, to some of the odder off-brand hot sauces that are out there.

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