15 September 2008

BBQ Baked Salmon with Potatoes, Red Peppers and Broccoli

A while back I talked about instituting a Fish-for-Supper Sunday, which I haven't quite managed in the sense of actually having fish every Sunday, but the point really was to eat fish once a week, if I could manage it. I think I've probably missed a time or two, but I've come pretty close to eating it weekly. So this is my most recent fish dish.

The store I shop at recently brought in individually packaged 4 oz salmon fillets, which is perfect for someone like me who only cooks for one and who doesn't eat big portions of protein at a time. I don't know that I'd buy it again, but that's mainly because it isn't terribly cost effective to buy food in small portions like that (and it's wasteful, just in terms of the packaging). At any rate, it came with a recipe on the back of the packet for a one-pot dinner, where you coat the fish with a sauce (bbq or peanut, were their suggestions), the place it in a baking dish surrounded by baby potatoes and sliced red and yellow pepper, and then bake for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, 20 minutes wasn't enough time to bake the potatoes, so I wound up with rather overcooked salmon. It was still edible and tasty, but about the texture of salmon from a can. And it didn't hold a candle to the medium-rare salmon I ate at Redwater at my birthday dinner. I do think it would be interesting to try again, with a peanut sauce, but I think I'd parboil the potatoes else start baking them 5 or 10 minutes before adding the peppers and fish to the baking dish.

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