19 September 2008

Who? postcard

I mentioned in my last entry that I'd joined a quilted postcard exchange, one that is set up through Art2Mail. I'm not sure how long Art2Mail has been around, but my exchange group was the 49th, so it must have been going for a while. I don't think I'd realized that fabric postcards were quite such a common thing in the quilting world, but I suppose I am very much on the outskirts of things - I don't read any of the magazines or often go to shows or belong to any groups. I haven't even been to a quilt store in months.

At any rate, a friend joined the same exchange, so I decided to make something special for her - a Doctor Who postcard, since we're both fans of the show. I found the base image on some colouring pages that the BBC put out. (See them here.)

The tough thing with this card was figuring out where to stitch in the clothing. I didn't draw on any of the lines, just started sewing and hoped things would come out more or less where they needed to. Some of it didn't work out so well, but on the whole, I think the errors blend in well enough that you don't really notice them.

I wish I could have figured out how to give him a face, a basic one at least, but I think anything I could have done would have come out a little bit too cartoony. (I also wish I wouldn't have forgotten the part of his coat that hangs behind the leg propped on the rock, but nobody ever notices that it's missing unless I point it out.)

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