31 August 2008

Beef and Pepper Stew on Basmati Rice

This photo is a couple days old now, and I've even finished the leftovers. But I do want to get it posted before the end of the month and also there might be something new tonight, if I can keep myself up long enough to post that new potential photo.

Anyway, this was one of those dinners where I didn't pay enough attention to the instructions - it's got a 2-1/2 hr cooking time, and suddenly it was 6 in the evening and I had to get up early for work the next day and didn't need or want to be eating dinner at 8:30/9 at night. So even though I'm about to say that this was a braised dish, it maybe wasn't quite, since I cranked the heat up a fair bit and cut the cooking time down by half.

So delicious. My succinct explanation from my flickr account is probably the best one I could give: a braised beef stew with lots of luscious red peppers (which, though not roasted, tasted as if they were) and a sweet tomato sauce.

The meat was fall apart tender and the peppers were sweet and soft and even the skins didn't bother me as they sometimes do when left on in something like this. It tasted like it'd be cooked for ages. Definitely a make again dish.

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