27 August 2008

Mushroom and Spinach-stuffed Chicken with Green and Wax Beans

I have no fish pictures again this week, but I did actually eat fish once this week. I went out to a restaurant here in Calgary last night, Redwater Rustic Grille, for my birthday and had Salmon with Pear and Thyme Gastrique with Roasted Red and Yellow Peppers and Asparagus. Tonight's dinner was plated as an homage to yesterday's dinner, this time with chicken stacked up on the vegetables rather than salmon.

I'm not sure that I've actually got anything else to say about this meal. It tasted very good, the beans especially, but I am a fiend for fresh beans. (My favourite thing about going to my parents' house in summer is raiding their garden for fresh beans and peas.) It probably wasn't a special enough dinner for a birthday, but I got to combine two of my favourite food things - stuffed things and yellow things - and also I cooked it for myself and ate it alone, so it's just lucky I didn't eat peanut butter on rice crackers or something.

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