20 August 2008

Tagliatelle with Garlic and Tomatoes

It's kind of been a while again since I last posted. There are two excuses:

1. We had guests. While they were here, we either ate out or else someone cooked for everyone and I never got around to taking any pictures. It's funny, but I guess I actually felt a bit weird about taking food photos while they were here, though I don't know why since we took all sorts of pictures of all sorts of things. Still and all.

2. It was hot. There was a record-breaking high this week and the days before weren't all that far off. So I wasn't cooking. The only thing I made during those hot days was a Greek salad, which isn't interesting enough to photograph (and I have before). Mostly I ate nothing or else I ate out.

At any rate, after a week without making anything much, I had to ease myself back into the cooking saddle, so this is something easy and delicious: tagliatelle with a bit of garlic, barely heated diced tomato and some basil. So good. This is a really good way to use up slightly aged tomatoes.

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