10 August 2008

Steak and Eggs with Fresh Tomato Salsa and Fried Potatoes

I'd thought that I'd posted a picture of this particular thing before, but I don't see it anywhere in the archives here, so I guess not. I know I have a better picture of it, when I made it some time back, but it's hidden in my archives at flickr. (I haven't got a professional account, so I have a limited number of photos that can be seen at any given time.)

Anyway, this is one of my favourite breakfast for dinner meals - steak and salsa on scrambled eggs with fried potatoes. It's a simple meal, the steak, eggs and potatoes are seasoned only with salt and pepper, and the salsa is just chopped tomato with garlic, some oregano and cilantro, and lemon juice. I had to use lime juice today, though, since we've run out of lemon juice and the stuff can't be found, fresh or bottled around here.


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