05 August 2008

Baked Salmon with Garlic-Dill Sauce and Vegatable Pilaf

I've been sitting on this photo since Sunday, trying to decide if it would be worth posting or if I should just trash it. I mean... it's ugly. Really ugly and I can't imagine anyone would look at it and think it's a good menu for a meal.

It all tasted good. I should say that. It was just a meal suggestion from a cookbook - this fish with that salad and this pilaf - and I maybe shouldn't have followed it, because it did seem a bit silly to me. (I don't know why, just the light, tangy sauce on the fish doesn't seem to belong with a heavy rice dish.) I could have done with just plain rice and maybe green beans or asparagus or a leafy salad.

Still, I think I'm a tiny bit in love with the taste of that pilaf and the method of cooking it. It's really flavourful, and it's got this great bit of crunch (from just barely cooked zucchini) and all kinds of flavour from all the vegetables and just a bit of tarragon. But the colour is atrocious. It's cooked with mushrooms, and the only thing I can think of to explain this mess is that the colour of the gills stained the rice. How else did white rice get to be so dirty and dingy looking?

And then the salmon was light and nicely cooked and the garlic-dill sauce was perfectly garlicky and wonderful. But it had bones in it. I usually buy fillets of fish, not whatever this was (steaks? I guess), so I'm not used to dealing with the bones. I mean, they were large enough to pick out easily, but they just sort of gross me out anyway. Still, I have now managed to have fish two Sundays in a row. So I'll have to, metaphorically, pat myself on the back for that.

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