08 April 2009

Steak and Eggs with Fresh Salsa

This is one of my old stand-by dinners for when I want something fast and easy and lazy. I often talk about how the foods I cook are quick and easy, but this is probably quicker and easier than anything I make (with the exception, of course, of freezer food like pizza pops or leftover chili). I would guess this is a 15 minute meal, perhaps 20 minutes if I decide to make potatoes as well (as I did in this version of the same dinner - this is a prettier picture, though, so I'm reposting).

Eggs, like pasta, are always good when you're pressed for time. Better, probably, because they do cook even faster, though they aren't quite the same sort of filling/comfort food that pasta can be.

In any case, to make this all you need is two eggs, a small fast-fry steak, 1 small tomato, a garlic clove, lemon juice, hot sauce, salt, pepper and oregano. (Cilantro optional.)

Make the salsa first by dicing your tomato and crushing your garlic. Stir together in a bowl with a dash of hot sauce, a splash of lemon juice, some oregano, salt and chopped up cilantro if you've got it. Adjust seasonings to taste.

Next, heat two frying pans. In one, cook your fast-fry steak. If you want, you can slice it into strips first (or buy stir-fry beef instead). I usually by it sliced because it's easier (faster... lazier...) to eat and make that way - you don't have to get out a knife or anything (and thus don't have to wash one, either). In the other, scramble your eggs (season them first...). (I often do this by cracking the eggs in the pan and then stirring them around a lot, rather than dirtying another dish first to whisk the eggs together.)

On a plate or in a bowl, pile the salsa on top of the steak on top of the eggs. Eat and enjoy.

(If you do want potatoes with your lazy dinner, the recipe I usually use can be found here.)

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