01 April 2009

LJ Birthday Blocks - April 6

Another two blocks for my Birthday Blocks group. These blocks came with the request for purple and green. Also for bright, which I'm not quite sure I managed (dunno). In any case, I wound up buying a fair bit of pretty cool fabric for these blocks and then promptly used almost none of it. Ah well, into the stash it goes.

This block is somehow one of my favourite simple, old-school blocks to make. The Churn Dash isn't terribly exciting and I can't say I'd like a whole quilt of it, but as a one-off block in a sampler quilt, I like it.

I don't think they show very well in this photo, but I really love the fabrics in this block.

This block is proof that I've got scraps of at least 16 different purples floating near the top of my scrap basket. Crazy. I feel like I've been doing nothing but purple lately. (That's not true, obviously, since my most recent posts have included oranges and blues as well, but it feels that way anyway.)

I've made this block A LOT for exchanges. It's such a striking block that I find myself turning to it quite often, even though it's a hellacious amount of work. I think I prefer the way it looks when I use the same four prints in each quarter of the block, but the scrappy look is also interesting.

The colours don't show well in this photo either; the green looks almost muddy, which it isn't at all.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your pointy star block pop up for exchanges... it's amazing how varied it is depending on what fabrics you put in there. They look great!

  2. It's a definite favourite with me :D I think my favourite version was maybe this one, but then again... I don't know. There's one with oranges on blue which I also love.