11 April 2009

Thai Citrus Chicken with Rice Noodles

I've been sitting on this photo for a few days, trying to decide what to say. This was a pretty tasty dinner - chicken and baby bok choy cooked in a peanut and citrus sauce served over a mound of rice noodles.

For a while I had been making a lot of recipes from a cookbook by Sandi Richard called The Dinner Fix and on the whole I'd liked most of what I'd tried, so I picked up another of her books called Dinner Survival and I don't think I had quite so much luck with that book. In any case, I decided to go back and try some of the things that had interested me before, but that I hadn't got around to. This is one of those recipes, though Richard cooks it with shrimp in place of the chicken.

I wound up changing, as always, quite a few little things - I didn't have fish sauce (and didn't want to buy it) so I whisked some oyster sauce into some soy sauce instead. I used fresh (blood) orange juice and slices of blood orange in place of canned mandarin oranges/juice. I used rice noodles rather than egg noodles. I used no-sugar/no-salt peanut butter instead of regular. And of course, since I don't eat seafood, I used chicken rather than shrimp.

On the whole, it was pretty good, though I was a little disappointed that the peanut taste so much overwhelmed the citrus taste. It reheated surprisingly well the next day, and even though I stunk up the breakroom, everyone thought it was Duk, who claims to eat cat, and so I didn't feel too guilty.

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