11 April 2009

Lettuce Gyros with Spicy Halibut

Hey look! It's another Cat Cora meal!

Once again, it was really delicious and surprisingly simple. As Cora says in the blurb before the recipe, this is a sort of California version of gyros, with fish rather than lamb and lettuce cups to replace the carb-heavy pitas that are usually wrapped around the filling.

Although Cora recommends using a double layer of lettuce cup - radicchio and butter lettuce - I used only radicchio because I was too cheap to buy both. (I'm unlikely to use butter lettuce for anything else, as I'm not a particularly big fan of the stuff.) I found the radicchio a bit too bitter, so it would probably have been smart to use the second lettuce leaf to help balance it.

In any case, my lettuce cups have a light layer of shredded leaf lettuce in the bottom (I had some in the fridge), then chunks of baked spicy halibut, a spoonful of fresh tomato salsa, and a dollop of tzatziki.

The halibut was marinated briefly in an olive oil, lime juice, chili powder, cumin and cayenne concoction, which was pleasantly spicy and well suited to the cooling tomato salsa (tomato, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and olive oil - I skipped oregano as I had none) and tzatziki, which I crapped out on a bought pre-made.

In any case: delicious. I could see myself eating this in proper pita wraps, in the North American version of pita bread (the drier, harder type you typically find), or just on a bed of lettuce, though I'm unlikely to try it again with these more dramatically interesting radicchio cups.

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