08 April 2009

LJ Birthday Blocks - Feb 10

I had plans to get more than this done today, but I didn't really feel like doing laundry, and so I didn't get washed the fabric that I needed. Actually, no, it wasn't that I didn't want to do laundry, it was that I didn't want to IRON all the fabric that I needed. I watched old episodes of House instead and cut out everything I could in the colours that I did get washed. Fortunately those blocks don't need to be finished until May, so they can wait until a day when I'm feeling less lazy. (It won't be next week, though, as I haven't got a day off next week; my boss is on holidays.)

In any case, I did get this one block done, which is a replacement block for one that I sent out a month or two ago for my Livejournal birthday blocks exchange. One of the two blocks that I made for this particular person really didn't come together that well, so much so that I hated to send it out and then afterwards kept imagining that probably she hadn't said anything about it arriving because she hated it and didn't want to have to say anything about it at all. (Melodramatic, I know. I worry too much about stupid things.) But I felt that I had to send it out when I did because it was already late, and so I sent it away with a vague plan in the back of my head about making an extra block at some point in the future.

I definitely prefer this block to that previous one (it's the second block here) and I feel a lot better about putting this one in the mail.

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