31 May 2008

Rotini with Broccoli and Caciocavollo

I don't really know why I've been eating so much pasta lately, but I found that recipe that needed Caciocavollo cheese (for the last pasta photo - Fettuccine alle Noci) and bought it and now I've got a whole lump of that cheese to use up. It's a smoked cheese, so it's got a nice smoky tasty, and it's quite stringy and lovely when it gets all melty, like the perfect pizza cheese. (Hm, maybe pizza next?) I should have lifted up a fork-full of the pasta for the photo, so it wouldn't look just like pasta in white sauce instead of pasta with tons of stringy delicious cheese.

(The recipe came from here, though I used a fair bit less cheese than it asked for.)

I'm going to update this little blurb on Sunday when I'm home from work - just wanted to get this up before I leave. And I don't know that eating pasta twice in a week is "eating so much pasta lately" but I don't generally eat a lot of it, I don't think.

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