29 May 2008

Fettucine alle Noci

This is a Mario Batali recipe, which I found here. I didn't really change the recipe much, though I used less pasta, less oil, less red pepper flakes (1 tablespoon? really?) and probably less cheese. (Unintentionally on the cheese, I just couldn't find a big grater and got tired of using the palm sized one with tiny holes.)

I wish that I'd had fresh parsley to use in this because it's regrettably beige looking and some fresher looking green bits would have been welcome. I did use dried, but the bits of it are so small they almost disappear in the picture.

Actually, I find this a sort of messy picture, in the sense that you can't really distinguish one thing from another. I mean, the pasta looks like pasta and the green bits are obviously parsley, but it doesn't really look like walnuts and you can't really see the stringy melted cheese. The powdery white stuff is the bread crumbs you're instructed to sprinkle over at the end, but I think I could do without that taste-wise and appearance-wise.

I thought it tasted nice, but not so spectacular that I'd be likely to serve it to anyone else or even maybe to make it again.

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