20 May 2008

Fettucine Carbonara

I cooked a couple of times while I was on holiday, but I kept forgetting to take pictures, so it's been a while since the last update. Mostly I just made barbecue. Actually, that's all I made. Barbecue sausages and barbecue burgers and barbecue... what my mom calls hobo packages and... I'm certain there were other things as well, but I can't think of what just now. It was barbecue weather all week, so that's all I did.

I've even done barbecue since I got home, but a barbecued sausage with barbecued corn and a bit of salad isn't really that interesting to look at. And so.

This is maybe not so interesting either - just a plate of pasta - but I'm pleased with myself for having made it, and it was quite delicious. This was another of the recipes from Sandi Richard's The Dinner Fix. It was, happily, quite easy to cut down to one serving and happily quite easy to make.

I very rarely cook bacon. It's not that I don't like the taste, though I often find it far too salty, but I just don't like it well enough to bother with it. And I always, always burn it. Except this time! One day when I was watching some show or other on the Food Network, the host suggested cooking lardons in a little bit of water so that you can cook them through without overcooking them. Probably there is some other way to manage crisping bacon without turning it to charcoal, but this worked for me.

My only real difficulty is that I turned the sauce a little too high for a little too long and I wound up with slightly scrambled egg in my sauce. But I don't think it's too noticeable in the picture.

Anyway, I don't do cream sauces all that often. Or pasta all that often. But I can see myself making this again someday.

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