07 May 2008

Fennel Chicken Pilaf

This is my take on this recipe. I didn't change anything ingredient-wise (except to use chicken breasts), but I cooked it entirely on the stove top (because there was cleaner in the oven), shortened the cooking time and only made half. Half was still enough to serve probably 3-4 people. (And I used chives as a garnish because I have them and might as well use them.)

This was pleasant tasting - there is a tiny hint of that fennel licorice taste, but mostly only when you bite through one of the seeds - but not quite interesting enough to move beyond pleasant. I think it could stand to have something else added to perk it up a bit, though I'm not quite sure what. I don't know what tastes go well with fennel seed, but I felt like it could have used something a little bit spicy.

Drop a note if you've got any suggestions. I don't know if I'd make this again, but I like the idea of it enough (and the execution - it was quite easy) that if I could make it into something a little more to my taste, then I'd probably keep picking at the recipe until I could be happier with it.

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