11 June 2008

Turkey-stuffed Tomatoes with Broccolini

I've been sitting here watching the cursor blinking for the last five minutes while I tried to think of what to say, but I've got nothing.

It tasted good. Really, this is just a turkey burger cooked inside a tomato, served alongside some spicy sweet broccolini.

I wish I'd scraped some of the fatty bits off before I took the photos, rather than after. I didn't even really notice them until I went to eat, but they look as gross in a picture as in real life. Ah well, at least it tasted good, even if it doesn't look so great.

Earlier today I made banana muffins. I was going to make banana bread, but I wanted chocolate in it, and my sister doesn't like chocolate, so I ended up splitting the batter more or less in half and doing the muffin thing instead. They're a tiny bit dry, but I think I probably overcooked them a little. (I had to guess at the amount of time they'd need to cook.)

I used to work in a bakery and made many many banana loaves while I was there. It was quite strange to be working with 2 bananas, rather than 20 pounds of bananas. The recipe I usually used was for 12 pounds of nearly everything - sugar, flour, bananas (but it took close to 20 because of the weight of the skins) - and made something like 35 or 36 loaves.

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