22 June 2008

Tagliatelle with Walnut and Sage Browned Butter

Okay, so I'm determined to get myself caught up, and this will do it, until I cook something new for dinner tonight. This was last night's dinner - something quick and easy before going to work. And really delicious.

The recipe for this, which came from Jack Bishop's A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen, says that it's very rich, and best served with a big salad to balance the richness, but I used Quark rather than Marscapone (for the dollop of white stuff, which I stirred in once the photo was taken), and I think that kept it from being too rich. It was just lovely. (And even with a bit less than one serving, I was too full to eat a salad alongside.)

I think I maybe didn't let the butter brown long enough, because it wasn't a very present taste, but it's possible that the tanginess of the quark covered up some of the flavour. At any rate, tangy Quark notwithstanding, the pasta had a really delicate and light flavour. The sage wasn't too overwhelming, which was the one thing I'd worried about, and the toasted walnuts were fantastic. (I'm not a particular fan of walnuts, as I don't like the texture.)

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