10 August 2007

Pancakes made of Failure and Paper Mâché Paste

I've been debating for a few days whether or not to post this picture - it's ugly and disgusting and I didn't actually eat it. But, hey, I can embrace my failures (and never make them again...)

So what happened was I found this really lovely looking recipe for vegan savoury vegetable pancakes. The photo with the recipe looked gorgeous. So I cut the recipe in half, threw it all together, and... got this.

I couldn't bear to eat the first pancake I made (not pictured, I tossed it) because OH MY GOD it's made of paper mâché paste. Flour+Broth has to work almost entirely the same way as Flour+Water, just with a little (a little) more flavour than your average paper mâché. I cooked the remaining pancakes because I thought they'd be easier to throw out if they were cooked solid rather than that pasty mixture.

I don't really know what I did wrong, exactly. My best guess is that I didn't have enough vegetables - I used half everything, but perhaps I should have added more veg anyway when I saw how much paste there was in comparison to vegetable - and I cooked it at too high a heat, thus scorching it before it had a chance to darken the "dough" (aka paste).

Needless to say, I won't be trying this again.

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