04 August 2007

Baby Romaine with Beets, Oranges and Walnut Dressing

This was quite tasty (though I don't know if I'll make it again). I don't usually eat beets - I hated them when I was a kid, though not because I disliked the taste. That I liked, but my sister and I had them once before getting sick, and throwing up beets kind of put us off them. (Though maybe it was just my sister who chucked up the beets and the memory has twisted itself around in my brain.)

But I figured I should give them a try again, so here's my try. I do like the taste, though I seem to remember my mom frying slices in butter, which was pretty yummy as well.

This picture looks so pretty and bright with the feta and oranges, but I kind of stirred it around a little to mix the flavours after I'd snapped the pictures, and everything was bright purple-red by the time it made it into my mouth.

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