14 August 2007

Chicken Cacciatore on Rice with a Green Salad

This was tasty and healthy and a welcome change from all the garbage I've been eating lately. (And my recent inability to cook edible food...)

I probably won't make it again, unless I've got family around again, since it makes an astronomical amount of food. (Five of us ate from it, and there's enough for probably three or four servings leftover.) And I don't know how to cut it down to size - it's a slow cooker recipe and uses canned tomatoes.


  1. okay - I want this recipes. Looks good!

  2. If I could remember at all where I'd gotten the recipe (or what happened to it since) I'd share it. But if you search "slow cooker chicken cacciatore" you'll find a ton of variations that are pretty similar to what I remember.

    I remember crushed tomatoes, chicken breasts cut in large chunks, a lot of sliced mushrooms, and sliced onion and green pepper. The version I used probably had garlic in it, but it didn't have a lot of spices, which I found a bit disappointing. It needed a bit more flavouring, so I added a fair bit of Tabasco sauce, which helped quite a bit.