20 January 2009

Turkey-stuffed Red Pepper with Spaghettini and Broccoli

I had the worst indigestion today, which pretty much never happens to me, and so I thought I wouldn't wind up eating dinner - again - because it was too uncomfortable. People who get indigestion all the time... How do they live with that? Ugh. But I've been playing WiiFit a lot lately and did again when I got home from work and it seems to have the added benefit of straightening out a lot of my digestive woes, including today's indigestion. (I shall not recount the digestive woes, though; suffice to say they've existed my whole life. Turns out frequent exercise is good for more than just keeping you fit.)

Anyway, once I felt better, I decided I should probably make food that didn't involve a microwave or frozen leftovers. I decided I should probably eat that broccoli that's been in my fridge so long by all rights it should have been compost. I decided to stuff something, because food which has been stuffed is always pleasing to me.

Basically, this is a red pepper stuffed with a giant turkey meatball with mozzarella melted atop it. It was quite tasty, though I did think that the pepper could have stood to cook a little bit longer. I ate all the meat first, then scrapped the flesh of the pepper off the skin with my teeth. It was lovely, but as I said could have cooked a little longer.


  1. Turkey meatball stuffed red pepper topped with mozzarella, yes please.

    In answer to your question 4,4,4,2 is an old cake recipe that all girls were taught when they were younger in England. It's 4oz of self raising flour, 4oz sugar, 4oz butter, 2 eggs. Cream the butter and sugar, add the eggs, then the flour, if it's too thick add a little dash of milk and mix, then bake in medium heat oven for approx 12-20 mins depending on cake or cupcakes. It's really easy to remember, even my 7 year old knows it, you can also take out a little of the flour and add cocoa, I've added lemon zest & juice - it generally never fails.

    I love making lemon drizzle cake and put plenty of zest in, then icing with icing sugar made by adding lemon juice and again zest. I think it's so lemony because we add so much zest but then it doesn't make for a cheap cake.

    Is this the longest comment ever?!

  2. I think I'm going to try your lemon drizzle cake. Tomorrow if I can talk myself into doing anything. But more likely next week before guests come (need to have someone to feed them to, other than myself because I do not need to eat all the cupcakes ever, even if I want to).