09 January 2009

5 purple quilt blocks

These five quilt blocks are ones I made as a swap angel for the Birthday Blocks group on Livejournal. This block is called Rose Dream (I think) and is done by paper piecing. I am pretty familiar with paper piecing, and this is a very simple pp project, but somehow I found it incredibly difficult. It took three separate sewing sessions to get them completed because I kept hitting a point where I couldn't bare to keep on working at them. Strange.

The person who requested these blocks asked only for varying shades of purple, so I dug through my fat quarter stash to get as many purples as I could. I'd found around 30, but managed to lose a few behind the washing machine, so I'm not sure how many I used altogether in the end. I was surprised to find that I had so much purple in my stash, though, because I'm not generally a very big fan of purple. But I love all these fabrics quite a lot, so I probably bought them all individually thinking they were the only purple fabric I'd ever like so well and suddenly I found myself with a couple dozen favourites.

This block really depends on having a good contrast between the two colours in each quarter of the block, and for the most part, I think I did a pretty good job with that. There are two quarters that I'm not overly happy with, but I think the recipient might end up with a few extra blocks (one of the people who'd disappeared without sending all her blocks has reappeared, so there might be some extra swap blocks out there) so if she doesn't like those "bad" quarters, maybe she could pull a couple of these blocks apart to result in four blocks, eliminating the quarters without much contrast.

Anyway, I really hope that Anna, the recipient, likes them when they finally arrive.

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