15 January 2009

Greek-spiced Lasaga, Take Two

So, something like, oh, nine days ago, I said this: Tomorrow if I eat some of the leftovers, I'll try to take a proper picture.

I did take a proper picture. Too bad I didn't also post that proper picture. Well, here it is now. This picture comes with 100% more greenery than I ate the day I made the lasagna. It also has extra cheese melted over top because you can never have too much gooey cheese.

One of the nice things about lasagna is how forgiving it is, you can do so many different things and it'll still come out delicious. It's pretty hard to really mess up, unless you wind up with too little sauce (dry lasagna) or too much of anything. Anyway, this one? Definitely worth trying to kinda sorta recreate someday down the line. But maybe I'll put some spinach in it. Or add chopped vegetables to the meat sauce. Hm.

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