21 January 2009

Sunlight and Shadows blocks

This for a while has felt a bit like a never-ending project, but finally, there's an end in sight. I've been working, off and on, on this quilt since August 2007.

Right now it looks like I could finish it. I'm only one block short of having enough to make a decent sized quilt, but I'm still holding out for one more row and one more column. (I like quilts to either be square or to conform to a particular ratio of width to length. So 4 12-in blocks by 6 is too long or not wide enough, but 5x6 or 4x5 is perfect.)

After much humming and hawing about it, I decided to sign up for the Livejournal Birthday Blocks group again this year. Depending how things play out, I'll either get 9 blocks via the group (and so will need only 6 more) or else I'll get 18 blocks and then have 3 spares, which I don't yet know what I'd do with them, but. In any case, by... late September (all things going well) I should have all the blocks I need to finish this thing. Brilliant.

And then comes the hard part - figuring out placement of the blocks. And then the harder part - actually quilting the thing. Eek.

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