26 July 2008

Vegetable-stuffed Omelet

Okay, I know eggs are boring. But you know what's even more boring? Eating nothing but cottage cheese, pudding, and yogourt for 2 days.

I had a root canal; biting is not much fun just now.

But eggs are soft, and so are all the vegetables stuffed inside these eggs: mushrooms, red and green peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and onion. (It's a mix of frozen, diced vegetables by Europe's Best.) Delicious with some herbs and salt and pepper.

I didn't even overcook my omelet today, which is usually what happens when I try to make these. I'm a master at singed omelets.

I sometimes feel not-quite-but-almost-guilty about labelling something like this vegetarian, since eggs are obviously not vegetarian by its proper definition. But I don't want to label things for ovo-lacto-veg or ovo-veg or lacto-veg so I use vegetarian to mean "No animal flesh" and vegan to mean "no animal flesh or other animal products". Most of the things I label vegetarian COULD be made vegan (though this couldn't, unless someone's come up with a decent substitute for an egg-like omelet) or at the very least, properly vegetarian, so I don't feel too guilty unless it's something like this that relies so heavily on the animal product.

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