31 July 2008

Orange-Soy Pork with Sesame Green Beans

I made this dinner several days ago, but I've been too lazy to upload it until now. Still feeling kind of lazy really - don't quite know what to say about it. I wanted to get it done before the end of the month, though.

It was very tasty, that I recall, though I was a bit annoyed that my sauce didn't turn into a sauce, despite a lot of reduction. I think it would have been quite nice with ginger. A thought for the future, anyway.

The green beans were a little boring. Usually I steam them, then lightly sauteed them with some red pepper flakes, but decided to try them with sesame oil instead and maybe I didn't use enough oil, but it didn't really enhance or change the flavour. Ah well, I love green beans plain or not plain, so it was fine, even if it was a little boring.

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