20 July 2008

Poached Egg and Canadian Bacon on Rosti

I made breakfast for dinner tonight. It was quite tasty, even though I had issues cooking the rosti - I don't know if I used too much oil or not enough or... I don't know. But it didn't really want to hold together and that kind of drove me nuts. I always have issues with anything vaguely pancake like - they just never want to cook properly. (This hasn't got flour or anything in it, so it's not really a pancake, per say, but it cooks similarly.)

I suppose I shouldn't call it a poached egg, since it wasn't cooked in water but was steamed. And I should have eaten it with a mound of ketchup instead of the cheese because that's the best way to eat ketchup, on eggs and fried potatoes.

Anyway, not too pretty, but it tasted good.

I seem to be having issues with my angles the last couple of days - I'm having a really hard time editing my photos so that they don't look like I was suffering from vertigo while drunk and riding a mechanical bull. I mean, okay, it's not THAT bad, but it looks like I took the picture with the camera tilted oddly and I really didn't. Or didn't think I did. Or didn't mean to.

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