18 July 2008

Cumin-Lime Pork Chop with Spicy Creamed Corn

I'm too busy watching Doctor Who to think of anything to say just now, but it's over in a few minutes...

Right then... this is another Rachael Ray recipe from her book 365: No Repeats, though as always, I've cut back the portion size. She'd have twice the meat. That is the proper amount of vegetables (according to her) though, and after I took my picture, half of it got put away with the extra pork chop I cooked for tomorrow. (So, uh, no update tomorrow.)

Anyway, for creamed corn, it was really good. I've never been a particular fan of the stuff, at least not from a can. I can remember when I was younger that if we had canned corn, my parents would often have to make creamed corn for my sister and plain kernel corn for me because I couldn't stand the creamed stuff. (Or more likely, I decided that I didn't like it, just because my sister did. I didn't like ham when I was a kid for just that reason.) Homemade really is better, at least sometimes, because this I liked. Possibly that's because it's got so much more flavour, with jalapeƱos, red pepper, onion, parsley and cilantro. (Wish I'd had yellow onions, though, because I only had purple and it looks really nasty when the colour leaches out like it has in this.)

The pork part of the recipe is almost, but not quite, the same as one of my favourite chicken recipes, one I haven't made in far too long. So not surprisingly, I really liked this. Actually, this meal would probably be equally good with chicken in place of the pork. Something for another time, I guess. Definitely worth making again, someday.

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