01 December 2008

Miso Glazed Fish with Steamed Vegetables and Rice

This was a really, really delicious dinner, but it's been a sort of rough day in some ways and I couldn't really enjoy it enough to really want to eat it. I saved quite a bit of it for lunch tomorrow, though, which is good because I didn't really have plans for what to take with me to work.

A little while back I bought a tub of white miso (shiromiso) for a soup I was making and now I'm on a mission to use as much of it as possible, because I hate it when I buy an ingredient for one thing and then never use it again. So I've been looking for different recipes and have quite a stockpile of potentials bookmarked in a folder.

I wanted to try a recipe with fish, so I went through the potentials (there are quite a lot of recipes for fish with miso) and decided on a Miso glazed fish, which I found here at Heart and Hearth, since it asked for a white fish and I thought probably white miso would work well with that. And also, I'm extremely poor until my next pay cheque, and white fish is cheap. (Less than $2 for twice what you see in the photo. Which was 1/3 of my available funds until that cheque. So.)

I'm really glad that I tried it because it was really lovely. I don't think I could hope to describe the taste - a little soy sauce, a little sweet, a little salty, with a sort of slightly sticky glaze and wonderful with crunchy bits of fresh green onion. I think I'd like to cook this for my parents, someday, because I think they'd both like it.

The rice is just plain basmati with green onion stirred through. (Had to get some colour into it for the photo. White rice is a terrible terrible thing to photograph. I've learned coloured plates are best when photographing white rice.) And then the steamed vegetables are a lazy thing - a single serving package that comes frozen and you just microwave it. But it's a mixture of broccoli, edamame, and green beans. And it was very nice with a little salt and butter stirred through.

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  1. Hi! I'm so glad you tried this miso glaze and that you enjoyed it enough to want to share with your parents. :)