21 December 2008

Christmas postcards, pt. 2

Here is another of my favourites of this group of postcards. I don't know why I like this one so much - it's very simple - but I really like it quite a lot.

This card started out all green (with the one brown bit in the centre) but then I thought it could use some red to perk it up. And then I realized I'd accidentally left a small hole, so I appliqu├ęd the star to hide it.

Sometimes it seems that the more simple things are, the better I like them. This one is quite plain, but I am pretty happy with the overall look.

Another favourite of mine. I think this is maybe a Courthouse Steps style block. (But I could be wrong.) I accidentally sewed one of the greens on in reverse. Oops. (That's the second time I've done that with that fabric.)

And another which I find strangely delightful. I think it's the bright splash of orange.


  1. I like the log cabin one... my favorite. =)

  2. i liked the one i received - it was the top one. Nice and simple in its design.

    Hope you enjoyed the swap - everyone was delighted with your cards!!!

  3. The card I sent to you Cat and the log cabin you mentioned Jen are among my favourites. I actually liked all the cards, except for the failed Christmas present one (it's in the other postcard entry, I think), but I had a few favourites.

    I intentionally sent one of my favourites to you, Cat :D