14 May 2009

LJ Birthday Blocks - May 10

These are the most recent quilt blocks that I've made for my birthday block exchange group. This block, called Depression Block at Quilter's Cache, is one of the nicest scrappy blocks out there, I think; it always looks really great when you use a ton of different scraps.

A couple years ago, Jenn at Quiddity Quilts made a full quilt of this block, in blues and creams, but I can't find where her picture of it is, which is unfortunate because it really looks great. And I'd totally link to it if I could find it again...

At any rate, the recipient of these blocks asked for burgundies and creams, so these are the blocks I was able to make using burgundy scraps that I'd had in my scrap basket. I did have to buy some creams, but only because I didn't want to use the same two creams throughout the block.

I think I'd like to make a whole quilt of these someday, though I haven't really decided what colour or if I'd like it to be more scrappy or something completely planned.

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